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smart mirror exhibition
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About Us


Smart Mirror brings together practical advice and smart technology personalized with your needs in mind. No longer is your mirror just a reflection of present reality. It’s now an opportunity to discover a new you, and a companion who encourages and inspires you on your new path to beauty.
An innovative, High-Tech enterprise engaged in beauty equipment development and production. It adheres to scientific and technological innovation and service-oriented concept.
We’ve consulted with top dermatologists and beauty experts to bring out the best analysis and advice. We help you to keep track of skincare regimes that work best for you with our monthly analysis system.

Smart mirror consists of highly skilled technology specialists including qualified marketers, technology consultants, educators, client care and administration staff.
We equip beauty business and experts with access to the best quality and medical grade range of aesthetic equipment. Systematically researched from the world's best innovators in advanced technology for your salon, spa, clinic, and practice.
The World's most advanced skin detection equipment. It is an essential skin detection technology for cosmetic companies, beauty salons, skin clinics and training schools, with a market demand rate as high as 100%.
SmartMirror Unique Advantages
1. Fast & Professional Analysis
2. WIFI & Cloud Share Test Report
3. Perfect Combination of Fashion & Technology
4. Smart Mirror Provide Professional Analysis Data
5. Professional Skin Care Centre Speak With Facts.
6. All Skin Care Centre Deserve Smart Mirror
7. The Most Intelligent Skin Analyze

More than just a mirror, Smart Mirror helps you assess your skin‘s condition including RGB wrinkles, fine lines, clarity, dark circles, dark spots, RGB spots, and pores, PL Texture, UV damage so that you can effectively and efficiently target problem areas and move toward your beauty goals.

About Smart Mirror
About Smart Mirror
About Smart Mirror
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If you want to know more about Smart Mirror or share any type of query, feel free to contact us.