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Smart Mirror – Innovative Technology

Smart Mirror is an excellent Skin Analyzing System.It is the world’s most advanced skin detection equipment together with shooting, analyzing and displaying 3 functions in 1.It adopts RGB,UV,PL 3 spectrum which makes detection more accurate and professional,combines with artificial intelligence and image analysis with 10 year market test and 30 million clinical database,achieves 20 seconds analysis 10 kinds of dermis and  epidermis skin problems. Smart Mirror can detect different layers of skin, dermis and epidermis 10 skin problems such as Spots, wrinkles, pigmentation’s, pores,moisture,texture and so on.

It is a 5th generation machine, As compare to other normal skin analyzer which need to connect computer and iPad, Smart mirror has all 3 functions in one as it has 10 inch touch screen also. Smart mirror already help 45 countries, more than 78 distributor expand market and make profit plus. It is a very essential tool for cosmetic companies, Skin clinics, Dermatologist, beauty salons, beauty center, beauty spa, the market demand up to 100%. Smart mirror web server will help beauty salon, beauty center manage thousands of customer information and hundreds of chain store. According to test results, Smart mirror also auto-recommend products and treatment for different skin conditions. Smart mirror has 17 different languages including German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish,Vietnamese, Arabic, Polish, Korean, Japanese, thai, Dutch. Smart Mirror is rated as the most popular company for beauty salons, Smart mirror has approved the ISO 13485,CE,FCC,PSE certification and have one Invention Patent, 4 Utility Patent, 1 design patent. More than 28000 Smart mirror Skin analyzer has been sold worldwide till 2018.

10 skin problems

RGB Pore – It refers to the large and open pores on the face, the pore that is infected by the germs in the air, leading the blocking of pore. Large pores are more visible which can be more prone to breakouts. Other causes for large pores can be oily skin, excess oil sits around the skin’s pores, makes them appear enlarged. Makeup can cause pores to appear enlarged when it’s not properly washed off. As we age we will naturally lose the elasticity of skin that supports the pores which causes pores to appear bigger than before.

RGB Spot– It refers to the spots, dark spots and acnes, pimples on the face. It shows the clear reflection of spot distribution on the surface of the skin. The most common spots for breakouts are the face, Acne is the presence of blackheads, whiteheads and other types of pimples on the skin. Although mild acne may improve with over the counter treatments, more severe forms should be treated by a dermatologist. Acne occurs due to some changes in hormones or when oil and dead skin cells clog the pores. Teens are more prone to getting acne. Pimples under the skin’s surface that repeat with a center are called whiteheads, Other skin blemishes, including pink bumps, red, pus-filled pimples, nodules or cysts, may form. Acne mostly appears on face.Topical treatments by dermatologists, Skin clinics and other medicines can help unclogging the pores and prevent new breakouts.

RGB Wrinkle– It shows the facial expression fine lines, the depth of wrinkles and area. It refers the current state of our surface skin of expression lines, skin vein and the wrinkle caused by the aging, it can also be expression lines, small dry wrinkles as well as ageing wrinkle. Sun exposure is another major cause of wrinkles. Pollutants and smoking are also other factors contributes to wrinkling. As you get older, fat in the deeper layers of skin diminishes which causes loose, saggy skin. Decreased production of natural oils dries your skin and makes it appear more wrinkled skin.

PL Texture – This will show you the rough, non-smooth parts and area of your skin. It also refers the area where the skin is not clean with many dust so that the consultant will suggest the customer to do some deep cleaning. Three colors will represent different conditions such as Grey( health state), yellow (medium state) and Red and orange (serious state) where the treatment is required.

UV Porphyrin – It shows the second layer of your skin. The no. Of closed acne, Blackheads, Skin grease secretion, and refers to those places where the pores are blocked, leads the blocking of skin breath. There are three kinds of skin condition : poor, Normal, Good.

UV pigmentation – Aggregation degree of the skin pigmentation, pigmentation area in dermis. It refers the pigmentation spots and cosmetic hangover in deep skin. Usually caused by the excessive usage of cosmetics which contain the over-proof lead and mercury or contain too much chemical compositions. Some pigmentation disorders affect just patches of skin. Skin gets its color from a pigment called melanin. Pigmentation disorders affect the color of the skin. Cells affects melanin production when these cells become damaged or unhealthy. Skin gets darker when body makes too much melanin same as skin gets lighter when body makes little melanin.blisters, infection and burns also cause lighter skin. Uneven skin pigmentation is a common skin complaint. On the other side Hyper pigmentation appears as darkened patches or spots on the skin that make skin look uneven  and these pots are known as age spots. It can be used to extend the results of a dermatological treatment.A dermo-cosmetic solution is non-invasive and can be used to reduce hyper-pigmentation. Dermatologists also prescribe and use hydroquinone as the most effective topical agent for reducing hyper-pigmentation. Hyper-pigmentation can be a side effect of certain treatments sometimes.

UV Moisture –  Skin moisture content and the status of hydration. It refers the moisture state of deep skin. Here we should be familiar with one point, only neutral skin’s moisture state is good, oily and dry skin both lack of water. Hydration addresses the importance of making sure the skin is getting all the water it needs to fight dryness, dehydration and premature signs of aging. Hydration and Moistening is the key in providing  nourishment to your skin. The percentage depends on the blue area, the larger the blue area, the higher the percentage, the better your skin moisture condition compare with same age group of people.

Red Area– Dermis area of occult inflammation, degree of inflammation, the degree of sensitive. Sensitive skin is not a disease that a doctor can diagnose you with, but a symptom of another condition. Inflammation comes in many forms such as rashes,skin itching and redness. Rosacea is a most widely documented cause of redness or inflammation. It causes extreme sensitivity. Inflammatory skin diseases are most common problem in dermatology. A dermatologist can get you started on a gentle skin care routine that will improve sensitivity and inflammation of your skin.

Brown area – Dermis skin metabolism condition, the cellular activity, and the ability to repair those cells which are not repaired. Human skin cells contain hormone specific receptors.Metabolic processes plays an important role in the development and physiological function of human skin.Metabolic disorders is a gene mutation. Inherited metabolic disorders are the genetic conditions that result in metabolism problems. Stimulation of cellular activity reduces the appearance of fine lines by increasing metabolic function.

UV Damage – It refers to the UV Skin damage and spots caused by ultraviolet rays. The sun gives off ultraviolet(UV) light that damages your skin and causes sunburn. These rays can lead to wrinkles, dark spots, and other skin problems. According to some research,UV exposure is the reason behind 80% of skin’s aging. Sunburns happens when there is damage to the DNA in your skin cells. UV rays can break down collagen and elastin,proteins that keep skin firm and smooth. Treatment can reduce some signs of sun  damage, To treat signs of aging, certified dermatologists often use more than one type of treatment.

Precise Analysis And Analysis Report

Smart Mirror gives 10 types of Skin Analysis Report.

Smart mirror also show you the Precise analysis and Analysis Report. In Precise Analysis, it shows all skin problems, including pictures and percentage. Recommendation means the Smart Mirror system will auto-recommend customized skin care product  according to the test result. Noted- the product should be added by yourself in advance.

In Analysis Report, It shows not only the result of 10 skin problems, but also gives you comprehensive suggestions analysis and will  recommend skin treatment products that should be added by yourself in advance.

It’s auto -recommendation feature acts based on the precise analysis report. This report help us to examine present condition and cure future problems occuring into the skin.

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