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Beauty care and its treatment is quiet difficult in present time. Due to pollution, Junk food, stress full life and lots of stuffs are there to disturb our strength, personalty and outlook.

Beauty according aging

Maintaining a healthy skin is one of the most important aspect of enhancing one’s beauty. Women crave for a healthy glowing and flawless skin. Skin care enhances the beauty. Your skin reflects your health. There are so many beauty products available in the market to enhance the tone and texture of your skin. The real beauty is associated with the good skin. Women skin is sensitive compared with the men.

Some of the women skin problems are associated with the sun. Sun rays are the factor to increase the melanin in the skin which causes the skin tans and skin become dry and dehydrated. Sun protection is an important aspect of skin care. It is common that if you want to apply the cream you must know your skin type because every women have different skin type like Oily skin, dry skin , mixed skin etc.

No one has perfect skin. Most important thing we should keep in our mind that touching your face often can result in a transfer of bacteria and grime from your fingers which leads to a breakout or skin irritation. We should treat the skin problems according to the skin type. The right product for your skin type is all you need to maintain your Skin. Stress is another reason for your unhealthy and unattractive skin.

Heavy makeup clog the pores , and lead to skin irritation, so it is necessary to remove makeup before you go to sleep as skin needs to breathe overnight. Your daily routine also affect your skin. Therefore developing a routine that will help to enhance your beauty and keep your skin clean. We should maintain a healthy diet for getting a glowing skin.

Switching to a healthy diet is essential if you want to get rid of acne skin problem. Your skin and face are probably most valuable assets because face is the first thing people see when they look at you. It is essential to follow a healthy skincare routine everyday.

As we grow old , we cannot stop ageing. Then our skin shows signs of ageing as the result of the breakdown of collagen .Skin starts to sag and wrinkle, but can treat this with a variety of treatments available in the market . As we now living in a golden age for anti-ageing treatment and skincare. Some of the skin problems like eczema, rosacea and premature aging are worsened by chronic stress and upset sleep.

Changes in weather conditions or environment also affect your  skin. Therefore Meditation, moderate exercises, yoga are some important ways to relieve your stress. Cleansing , Toning, Exfoliation and skin hydration are most important steps to achieve a flawless beauty .

Skin Issues

Face issues
Face issues

There for in present environment we need to care about our inner and outer body on a routine basis. For inner body care we need to do physical activate on daily basis. Along with this we need a healthy and routine diet including lots of water. Then after It’s also important that in this busy scheduled we take a healthy and relaxing sleep. A proper sleep will help us to recharge and stay healthy in current polluted atmosphere.

For maintaining the epidermis and dermis layer SMARTMIRROR help Beauty segment and Dermatologist with it’s around 33 million inbuilt data Smart Mirror analyze and recommended product on its own to clear the issues of face or to minimize the issue.

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