Dermatological Tool

Dermatologists treats and diagnose the skin problems. Dermatologists have  an arsenal of procedures for the skin treatments. A dermatologist use a number of tools to determine the best way to treat your skin issues. Skin analysing system would be the most efficient  and safe technology for the better treatments. With the help of Smart Mirror Analyzing, tool a Product of SMART MIRROR INDIA” dermatologists can diagnose all the skin problems with an ease.

Smart Mirror Analyzer
Smart Mirror Analyzer tool

Smart Mirror Analyzer can detect epidermis and dermis skin conditions. It adopts RGB,UV,PL 3 spectrum, combines with artificial intelligence and image analysis with 10years market test, 30 million clinical database, achieves 30 seconds analysis 10 kinds of Skin problems. According to the test results, Smart Mirror also recommend products and treatment for different skin conditions.

It is an essential tool for dermatologists to examine the skin issues. It is a breakthrough compare with normal skin analyzer which need to connect computer or ipad. You can also compare your before and after analysis reports.  Smart Mirror can improve the success rate of skin treatment projects.